Rapid growth, low cost, 100 days


Flashpoint 100 is a 100-day-plan to identify market-validated opportunities and fast-track them. The plan relies on fast identification and execution of projects, and tying resources to achievements. After agreeing a vision and key overriding objective, a large number of projects are initiated, monitored, and culled based on performance. In the end, projects that are more successful in the marketplace are completed and resourced. This limits the downside risk and maximizes the upside potential.


  • 4 days – Intensive interviews on problems, opportunities, and potential solutions with management, key employees, investors, major customers, suppliers

  • 10 days – Agreeing the vision, brainstorming and final selection and scoping of identified projects, identification of project owners and key metrics

  • 81 days – Implementation of projects, with weekly checkpoints on individual projects and a review of the project portfolio every 3 weeks. These checkpoints are go/no-go points and resource allocation points. Projects that have not met their objectives are stopped and the resources (people, assets, money) is reallocated as needed

  • 5 days – Analyzing performance and the benefits, and making final decisions on what to take forward


  • Setting aside the ‘day job’ – Making time for employees to put as much time into Flashpoint 100 as possible

  • Balanced portfolio – A mix of very short low-impact and more complex high-impact projects

  • Rewards, recognition, and fun – Creating a fun culture where there are a lot of rewards given for energy, accomplishment, creativity. Hosting company get-togethers and parties

  • Trust and empowerment – Empowering employees to fully own projects, make key decisions, and trust that they won’t be punished for things going off-plan. Assigning project leads from junior to senior levels

  • Transparency and communication – Making clear the objectives and progress, including the number of projects going on, the benefits that are realized



  • High-impact ideas – Testing and getting feedback on big new ideas and direction in a low-cost way

  • Low-Hanging fruit – High-impact initiatives that deliver benefits immediately

  • Housekeeping – Cleaning up small issues that go overlooked for long periods of time

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