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You built your portfolio with some of the best ideas from the brightest minds. You want your portfolio companies to scale, grow revenues, create a positive social impact, and raise the profile of the ecosystem. With Flashpoint 100 you can help them quickly identify and address challenges to their success.

Data on a Touch Pad

Rapid growth strategy setting 

Help a portfolio company get a well-thought-out plan for growth, and a market-tested list of viable market opportunities for expansion and scale. Part of the signature Flashpoint 100 method developed specifically for investors.

Export market opportunities

Identify partnerships and opportunities for international expansion for your top-performing portfolio companies.

Entrepreneurship training, workshops, and games

Offer group training and seminars for your entrepreneurs on project management and launch, growing revenues, customer insight, and pricing. Fun, interactive, and highly practical.

Founder counseling

Find the real issues underlying founder conflict, and identify whether founders can continue working together.

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