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Kia Davis is a trainer, coach, author, researcher, and writer specialized in helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential, and developing the ecosystems needed to support them.  For over a decade, Kia has worked with small business entrepreneurs and their investors all over the world. With an MBA in international business from Insead, and a BA in (consumer) psychology from Yale, and experience in both corporate and small business strategy, Kia is passionate about bringing unique solutions to entrepreneurs.


Kia has worked closely with entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, government agencies, and NGOs around the world in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.   

Kia's has worked:

  • With dozens and dozens of small business and tech startup entrepreneurs who have big growth ambitions

  • With national champions in the food & beverage industry in emerging markets

  • On the strategy team of the word's largest payments company

  • With prestigious accelerators of tech startups

  • With the world's largest internet company

  • With city governments of fast-growing economies who see tech startups as key to sustainable growth

Click here for Kia's LinkedIn profile.


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