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Help your corporate clients create perfect written communications in English

Contact: Kia Davis at +971 55 259 1965 or at

You offer business English courses, to executives, managers and employees whose jobs rely on proficiency in English. But are you able to help them with their written English, outside of the classroom?

I am a trainer and copywriter with a background in corporate strategy, helping businesses achieve their sales and fundraising goals. For years I've worked with executives and entrepreneurs with great ideas and fantastic businesses, but who struggle to communicate effectively in English. I have an MBA from Insead and a B.A. in (consumer) psychology from Yale University.

How can I help?

For language institutes, I offer workshops on developing the perfect pitch. I can also edit your students’ business proposals and presentations to make them more professional and persuasive. I recommend that both of these are offered as value-added services, where you gain a commission per-student (workshops) or per-document (presentations and proposals). Alternative arrangements can be discussed.

  • Workshops – Half-day or full-day sessions covering presentation skills, presenting in English, structuring presentations, persuasion and influence tools, compelling financials

  • Presentations – Thorough review and fast turnaround of presentations and proposals, including review sessions with the client and identification of common mistakes

My specialty is in persuasive communication, and as a professional copywriter and native English speaker, I make business presentations sparkle. I focus on making fundraising or customer presentations clear, persuasive, logical, and compelling. I teach and edit presentations for:

  • English – I ensure that you say what’s written is clear, and is expressed in advanced business English

  • Structure – I restructure presentations to be clear, have a natural flow, and preserve storytelling

  • Persuasiveness – I use principles of consumer psychology so that presentations carry influence

  • Logic – I minimize contradictions and make sure key points are well-supported

  • Financials (optional) – using my MBA, I can review financial projections for profitability and working capital

I use the most current and modern simple English, so that presentations are impressive to a native speaker, while also clearly understood to a non-native speaker. Because I’ve worked in both the United States and the United Kingdom, I’m equally comfortable in American and British English.


Please contact me at +971 55 259 1965 or at for more information and a free sample.

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