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Create winning presentations and proposals 

Have you ever spent hours or weeks on an important client proposal? If you didn’t get the business, how long did you spend wondering why? Are you confident you did all you could do, including getting it reviewed by a professional?

If you want to up your game, I can help.


My specialty is in persuasive communication. As a professional copywriter and native English speaker, I can make your presentations sparkle. I have a degree in consumer psychology and an MBA, so I can make sure your fundraising or customer presentation is clear, persuasive, logical, and compelling. I will edit your presentation for:

  • English – I ensure that you say what you mean in advanced business English

  • Structure – I will restructure your presentation to build tension and deliver rewards

  • Persuasiveness – using principles of consumer psychology, I can make sure it has the influence to win the business 

  • Logic – I will edit your arguments to be compelling and well-supported

  • Financials (optional) – using my MBA, I can review your financial projections and pricing for profitability and working capital impact


Contact me for a free sample and rates. See my LinkedIn profile here.

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