Have you achieved success in your core market? Have you built a business that you’re proud of? Is your desk drawer filled with great ideas scribbled on bits of paper, but you no clear way to pick the winners? That’s where Flashpoint 100: Radical Business Growth in 100 Days comes in. Instead of cherry-picking the projects entrepreneurs want to try, give each one a fair chance by choosing market experiments, and getting early feedback. Instant feedback, disciplined cash management and an attitude of trial-and-error are what distinguishes this method from the rest. Like an exercise bootcamp, the 100-day method helps you get rapid, visible results.

With the Flashpoint 100, your business is transformed. Get new customers and sales deals, grow your pipeline, expand your company and double/triple your revenues FAST.


Step by step guide to getting rapid, low-cost growth


Support for superior results


Guides, games, events, and other resources


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